Main Sewer Line Replacement Newnan, GA

Christy’s Cafe, located in Newnan, GA, recently encountered persistent drainage issues that proved difficult to diagnose and fix. Our plumbing company successfully resolved the problem by rerouting the main sewer line in collaboration with the City of Newnan and Newnan Utilities, without disrupting the cafe’s day-to-day operations.

Christy’s Cafe contacted us regarding persistent drainage issues that had not been resolved despite engaging another plumbing company. The previous plumbers sold them two new toilets unnecessarily, and the problem recurred within weeks, resulting in significant backups. Despite the limited accessibility due to concrete and sidewalks in downtown Newnan, we successfully diagnosed the issue and collaborated with the City of Newnan and Newnan Utilities to reroute the main sewer line from the street to the crawl space in a single day. Our work did not disrupt the cafe’s daily operations.